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Airdrie Waste Management provides local and nearby businesses with superior commercial waste removal services. Whether a large, medium or small business, we offer a wide veriaty of container sizes, reliable pick up services, and competitive pricing to suit your needs.

Container Sizes


6 yard: 6’ wide x 6’ long x 6’ tall


3 yard: 4’wide x 6’ long x 4’ tall

20 yard roll off: 16'L x 7 1/2'w x 4 1/2'h

20 yard roll off: 16’L x 7 1/2’w x 4 1/2’h

30 yard roll off: 18'L x 8'w x 6.4'h

30 yard roll off: 18’L x 8’w x 6.4’h


16 yard: 8’wide x 14’ long x 4’ tall

 Commercial Waste Management Service Area

Commercial Waste Management Service Map